I'd recommend Mr. Schulman to anyone…

I'm 21 and getting charged with something so petty, but yet it's still a felony. He quoted me $1500 upon further discussion of case. Another lawyer told me $1000 and I talked to him further and it turned into just a sales pitch the entire time, and he upped the price for $3000 retainer + whatever else.

I called back Mr. Schulman and asked him to take my case again. Not only because of the lower price, but because of the way he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He explained everything to me thoroughly, and knew far more than an unmentioned 10/10 Avvo rated lawyer. The other lawyers called me in a very untimely manner and I did not even bother listening to their voicemails.

Anyways, upon hire, I went to his office downtown Detroit. He also said I could meet him other places if more convenient. He had a parking pass for valet at his office so you don't have to worry about parking. I was greeted by two people at the front desk who had me sign in and pushed the button on the elevator. His floor had glass walls and doors, very nice. The office had beverages and refreshments. He even lowered my case cost drastically upon further discussion. He has many connections and lots of experience.

He was very polite in the letter to the court, saying ‘kindly’ over and over. He also told me not to worry about the intimidation tactic the witness was using - saying she knows people that work for the city who are respected that she was going to use against me. He said that usually never has any impact on a case. Very impressed and grateful, and I'm confident that he will get it thrown out. Will from now on recommend anyone go to Mr. Schulman. He listens, cares, and has what sounds like the smartest route in the soonest timespan.

- Amanda M.*

Knowledgeable, Well connected, and very good for Wayne County divorces…

Hired this attorney, after interviewing several others, for a nasty Wayne Co. divorce in 2004 involving significant economic assets. My wife was suing and being represented by a very highly recommended and high priced Oakland Co. female barracuda attorney.

Mr. Schulman's hourly rate and charges were not cheap, but were reasonable and significantly more than 50% less that several alternative high profile divorce attorneys. Mr. Schulman has a good understanding of the realities of the family law court system and effective practice within. His performance in my case was excellent; and better results could not have been reasonably expected.

- Alex L.*

He saved my life…

I was falsely accused by my ex wife of abusing kids. Sanford defended me. My family life is normal again. He's aggressive and smart.

- Mike E.*