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Federal Criminal Attorneys of MI has Extensive Experience Handling Even the Largest and Most Complex Criminal Defense Cases.

Below are a few examples that demonstrate our capabilities and showcase our impressive track record of success:


USA vs. NAGI (Case No. 06-20465)

In 2006 the United States Attorney in Detroit unsealed a 35 count, 47-page indictment of 78 members and associates of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club in and near Detroit, Michigan. The indictment has grown to 91 defendants and has been handled by no less than eight of the top Assistant United States Attorneys.

The case involved over 30,000 wiretapped phone calls and numerous informants. It has also been called one of the largest prosecutions in our nation’s history.

The Highwaymen have eight chapters in Michigan. The club also has chapters in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Indiana. Only members of the club in Michigan are named in the indictment, but the complaint does accuse the club of being a “criminal enterprise,” and accuses that, “This enterprise was engaged in, and its activities affected, interstate commerce.” So another shoe may eventually drop.

United States Attorney and now Federal Judge Terrence Berg called the case “…the largest prosecution in the history of Michigan of a motorcycle gang and one of the largest in the history of the nation.”

Among the crimes alleged in the indictment are:

  • The armed robbery and murder of a man named Ruben Guzman in September of 2003.
  • Conspiring to murder three men named Gerald Deese, Doug Burnett and Phillip McDonald between 2005 and 2007.
  • A house arson in 2004.
  • Various crimes against members of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club and the Liberty Riders Motorcycle Club in order to “(maintain) control over Highwaymen Motorcycle Club territory (turf) through acts of intimidation, threats and violence.”

Only one defendant, however, went to a jury trial and won.

Of the over 125 attorneys who handled defendants in this case, Attorney Sanford A Schulman from the Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan was the only attorney who was not afraid to go to a jury trial and it resulted in a jury verdict of not guilty. He represented a chapter president, Eric Potts.

USA vs. MARTINEZ (Case No. 13-20156)

In January of 2016 - during a case that involved the Mexican Cartel, over a thousand kilos of cocaine, and 23 defendants - only one defendant went to trial… and only one received a verdict of not guilty.

The defendant, who was represented by attorney Sanford A. Schulman of the Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan, was found not guilty on all charges, including conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine. The charge was for more than 5 kilos, and he was facing the most serious penalties possible. This complex case involved over four years of investigation and the testimony of Federal Agents from as far away as California and Baltimore, as well as informants on the indictment and main cartel leader Victor Martinez.

USA vs. POPE (Case No. 10-20346)

Chief Judge Gerald Rosen granted a motion in a major drug and gun case where the defendants were being held without bond and facing significant federal prison sentences. Attorney Sanford A. Schulman obtained an order dismissing all the charges.

Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan has handled numerous other cases involving state and federal dismissals and reductions. An attorney who has a good reputation and a report with local government and prosecutors has the ability and experience to go to trial and has more opportunities to receive better considerations, plea offers and respect.

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