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Facing a legal challenge can be overwhelming and many families struggle to find adequate legal representation for their loved ones. The attorneys at the law firm of the Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan are amongst the most experienced trial lawyers in the country. Many Michigan attorneys refer complex criminal cases to our firm due to our experience and track record of delivering favorable results for our clients. We have handled over 2500 criminal cases and have worked throughout the entire state to provide legal counsel for clients facing felony and federal criminal charges.

We are able to offer a free consultation (phone or office) and can often visit the local jail. Just contact us with the appropriate information, and our legal team will begin to review the details almost immediately, ensuring there is no delay. We recognize the importance of immediate attention and are ready as soon as we are contacted. Facing jail time is extremely stressful, calling the Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan is the first step in regaining some control over a difficult legal problem.

Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving Clients In Pontiac MI

We are licensed and available to handle cases throughout Michigan in Federal Courts in Michigan and throughout the United States. Our law firm has lawyers with diverse skill sets, and in addition to handling legal cases we are often involved with immigration, family law and family related issues that become circumstances of a challenging criminal case. When you call our firm, you will be provided personal attention and detail to your pressing legal matters.

    • Armed Robbery
    • Home Invasion
    • Grand Theft & Larceny
    • Carjacking
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Joyriding
    • Retail Fraud/Shoplifting
    • Credit Card Theft
    • Check Forgery
    • Identity Theft

    Free Consultation For Felonies and Misdemeanor Legal Charges

    We have experience handling the largest and most complex legal defense cases. Our firm has worked in all of the Federal courts in Michigan, and we have handled numerous high profile defense cases outside of the state. If you are facing charges from the United States Attorney's office, you need the confidence of working with a law firm that has handled hundreds of federal cases.

    ..Mr. Schulman has a good understanding of the realities of the Family Law court system and effective practice within. His performance in my case was excellent; and better results could not have been reasonably expected...Alex*